Friday, June 16, 2006


This is about the non profit charity organisation:

"The Fallen Soldiers' Families of Visoko"
here is the webadress of the organisation:
The money goes to children and families who lost their husbands, sons or fathers during the war, and who face financial hardships and/or health problems
We visted three families:

She shows us some familypictures.

Her husband died during the war

Her mother, who is confined to bed

She lives alone. Her husband was killed during the war.

She shows us pictures form her family.

She hasent seen her youngest sun, who gets lungtreetment in the nederlands, for 3 three nears now.

She hasent enough money for visting him.

Till there daughter was able to support them everything was fine. Their pension is very short. Too short to help their sick daughter who has Multible Sklerosis, with medicaments she needs.

The daughters bed was emty when we vistited them.

She was lying in the hospital

but she will not get there the medicamnets she needs

Bank account information:

ABS Banke dd Sarajevo, Visoko199 047 0004283277

Contact: Amra Babic (President)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


monument with the names of the victims of the last war

this supermarket was destroyed last war

the highschool of Visoko

if you like stews...thats the right place

Friday, June 02, 2006

pyramids are erverywhere in visoko

suveniershops have opened along the way to the pyramid

the pyramid clock

even tables got the pyramiddesign


there is even the pyramidsong

a wooden pyramid in a shoppingwindow

(like in every second shoppingwindow)

also the has hotel changed its name last april